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Crime Watch Daily
In 2017, Ms. Mendros appeared on Chris Hansen's nationally televised "Crime Watch Daily" to discuss the Chanda Turner case. Jaye Mendros has represented the Turner family since 2000 regarding the homicide of their daughter, Chanda. Together they launched the grassroots campaign, "Justice for the Dead," which resulted in the passage of Chanda's Law in 2011. This law gives families a mechanism to challenge erroneous death certificates in cases of suspicious death.


On the Courthouse Steps

The Tattoo Battle
In the Spring of 2006, Ms. Mendros became Oklahoma's "Tattoo Lawyer." Pictured here is House Representative Al Lindley, and a local tattoo artist who faced criminal prosecution for practicing his art form. Yes, artists were being ARRESTED and going to JAIL for performing tattoos, until Ms. Mendros stepped in and challenged the status quo. Rep. Lindley credits Ms. Mendros' constitutional challenge to the "crime" of tattooing in the court system with the legislature's decision to finally legalize it in May of 2006 (eff. Nov. 1, 2006).

Oklahoma was the last State in the Union to ban and criminalize tattooing. However, the battle still waged on ... and it took two more years of fighting (which Ms. Mendros also won) to fight unreasonable regulations imposed against tattoo shops.

Ms. Mendros says, "Representing Oklahoma's tattoo artists was the most fun I've had as a lawyer. It was an issue close to my heart (and my skin)."

Supporting Oklahoma Teachers
In 2018, Ms. Mendros marched with over 200 female lawyers to support the Oklahoma Teachers' Walkout, where teachers from across the State were fighting for adequate funding for Oklahoma's students. Oklahoma is LAST in the nation in education, and FIRST in the nation in incarceration.

"We must place funding in education on the front-end, rather than incarceration on the back-end, in order for Oklahoma to have a successful future," Ms. Mendros said.

A Chance at Redemption
In 2017, Ms. Mendros and co-counsel, John Alberts, secured a probationary sentence for a man charged with DUI Manslaughter. Horrified by the results of the crash caused by his drinking and driving, he began a crusade to do as much outreach as humanly possible, from VIP panels to college and high school students, to prevent more loss of life from drunk driving. It is our sincere hope that the client's efforts will continue to bring some good from tragedy, raise awareness of the terrible results that often come from drunk driving, and prevent future tragedies from happening.

The M.E. Battle
Ms. Mendros represented several families at odds with the embattled ME's Office, which lost its Accreditation in 2009 and was the subject of a political corruption investigation. In 2011, Governor Fallin signed The Chanda Turner Reform Act into law, giving grieving families an appeal mechanism to correct erroneous death certificates. The Act took effect Nov. 1, 2011.

Client Billboard

Satisfied Clients
A satisfied client offers "Special Thanks to the Law Offices of Mendros and Stout."

Ms. Mendros earned another trial victory in Oklahoma County the summer of 2008, hearing the words NOT GUILTY from a jury in a First Degree Murder case. Notably, Ms. Mendros also secured a bond for her client prior to trial, a feat almost unheard of where the charge is Murder One.

"Self-defense is a right afforded to every citizen of this State. Justice prevailed." ~Jaye Mendros

Advocating for Freedom
Ms. Mendros is politically active, and does everything in her power to battle Oklahoma's #1 ranking in incarceration, not only in the courtroom but also at the State Capitol.

First Degree Murder Acquittal
In October of 1996, Ms. Mendros, still an assistant public defender, heard the words "Not Guilty" for the first time in a Murder Case. She had been practicing law for only two years.


Preventing Charges
In 2015, Ms. Mendros successfully defended a counselor who invoked privilege to protect a client's confidentiality. Thanks to the efforts of Jaye Mendros on behalf of the counselor, and the firm that represented the counseling center for which he worked, the privilege was protected and the Oklahoma County DA DECLINED TO FILE obstruction charges.

Read the entire story here: http://www.edmondsun.com/news/obstruction-charges-sent-to-da-s-office-related-to-edmond/article_079c944a-eac5-11e4-a7fa-f7f4104bf8ff.html

Rep Lindley and Artists from ADI Tattoo Studio

The Tattoo Battle II - Unconstitutional Regulations
Representative Lindley is pictured with two artists from ADI, a tattoo studio represented by Ms. Mendros. This photo was taken immediately following a press conference in Ms. Mendros' conference room. Despite legalization, Oklahoma continues its efforts to limit these business owners' right to work in Oklahoma. "Although we won the battle to legalize tattoos, we are still fighting the war," Ms. Mendros states. "While legal, it is only barely legal. Many fledgling shops are struggling with regulations that have the effect of keeping them shut down despite the fact that the regulations we are challenging have nothing to do with health and safety."

In the Spring of 2007, Jaye Mendros and co-counsel Jerry Sokolosky filed suit on behalf of the Association of Body Art. The suit challenged the constitutionality of the two ridiculous regulations in the new tattoo law that had the effect of preventing these businesses from operating, despite their significant financial investment in opening their shops, passing all health and safety regulations, and offering clean, safe studios to Oklahoma consumers.

On May 1, 2007, Ms. Mendros & Mr. Sokolosky won their Constitutional Challenge to the $100,000 bond requirement and 1000 foot setback on Oklahoma Tattoo Studios. These two draconian regulations hindered safe tattoo studios from operating with a valid license, despite their compliance with all health and safety regulations. Oklahoma County District Judge Dan Owens held a hearing on May 1st, and at the conclusion of the litigation, declared the regulations unconstitutional. The courtroom was filled with gasps of joy and relief by the 10 studios that comprised the Association of Body Art in attendance at the hearing, as these artists could finally legally operate their businesses in the State of Oklahoma.
The State Health Department declined to appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Politically Active
June 2006: Ms. Mendros and Mr. Stout are pictured at a fundraiser hosted by their office to elect David Prater the new District Attorney of Oklahoma County. He ultimately defeated Wes Lane after a heated and hard-fought battle, making Oklahoma history for ousting an incumbent DA. Mr. Prater took office in January of 2007.

Rallying Support for the Return of Justice to Oklahoma County

Mendros & Stout Host Prater Fundraiser
Ms. Mendros and newly elected District Attorney David Prater were classmates at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She supported his bid for DA of Oklahoma County despite warnings that if he lost, it would be tantamount to "career suicide." Ms. Mendros supported Prater because she knew him to be fair and just, which was a much needed change in Oklahoma County. His campaign platform of "Justice for All" (victims AND defendants) solidified her support. "Over 90% of all cases result in a plea agreement," Ms. Mendros explains. "It makes sense that much of the time defense attorneys and DAs work together to find a resolution that is acceptable to all involved. It is refreshing to have a candidate for the office of District Attorney who understands his duty as a DA is to be fair not only to crime vicitms, but also to be mindful of the rights of the criminally accused. After the era of Joyce Gilchrist and the inexcusable misconduct that tainted the Oklahoma County DA's office for years, it is important to have someone trustworthy in an office that carries so much power over people's lives. Prosecutors have a special duty, and Mr. Prater understands that duty. He has my full support."

Keeping the Public Informed

Creative Advocacy
Ms. Mendros has written editorial columns for Oklahoma City's MIDCITY ADVOCATE and MetroFamily magazine.
She sees this as a way to keep the public informed of legal issues that may affect them, and a way to maintain open dialogue on the issue of criminal justice. "Many people have misperceptions regarding their rights, or just want more in-depth information about legal issues in our State. This is a way to provide that information to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma."

Mendros Introducing Author Jim Chastain

Supporting Local Artists
2007 Booksigning for Jim Chastain, clerk at the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and author of "I Survived Cancer But Never Won the Tour De France." Ms. Mendros and Mr. Chastain worked together at the Court of Criminal Appeals prior to her leaving to enter private practice in 2002. Rococo restaurant and the Mendros & Stout Law Office co-hosted a book-signing to help launch his new book. For more information about this local author and artist, visit www.jimchastain.com.

Voted a "Top Criminal Attorney" in 405 Magazine

405 Magazine Top Lawyer


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